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Our Academics

What students learn at Promising Horizons Learning Center!

This approach to learning has been used successfully in training young readers for more than 40 years, teaching basic reading skills using phonics. This phonics approach isn’t just sight-reading that’s been garnished with phonics. It’s systematic. It’s thorough. And it works. With a solid foundation for developing exceptional reading skills, students begin reading actual words very early.


Our phonics program is reinforced with daily seatwork activities that include words with special sounds (phonics rules) and sentence comprehension. In fact, this phonics approach is carried through in all areas of classroom teaching. Our handwriting books, correlate with our basic phonics program to help students learn and review phonics as they practice correct writing formation.


We teach the basics in counting, number recognition, and number concepts. Four & Five-year-olds learn number concepts, before-and-after, and largest-and-smallest for numbers 1–20, as well as simple addition facts like 1 + 9.  


Four & Five-year-olds begin to learn the basics of health and safety. They are introduced to God’s plan for the earth.


Four & Five-year-olds learn about community helpers and simple safety rules, the beginnings of American history, and children around the world. These studies include simple geography and an activity book for Advanced students.

Physical Education

 We have a fenced-in playground that children will love. There are also nature walks to encourage children to explore the wonders of outdoors. Our indoor movements will be fun and will spur on team building skills.


Our "Bible Time" is a 15 minute activity that is scheduled twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. Bible instruction is non-denominational. Bible time is taught using large colorful picture cards. These cards in combination with the engaging story telling makes Bible time one of the children's favorite activities of the day.

In addition to Bible stories, children are also introduced to the 23rd Psalm, Pledges to the Bible, the Christian flag, and the American flag, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's prayer, and Bible songs.

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