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We can meet all your child care needs at one location! Whether you have a 2 - 5 year old preschooler, or K - 6 th grader in need of Before and After Care, Or Full Day - we are here to serve you and your child! Call us today or fill out the online contact form, and we’ll be happy to be in touch!

Discovery Class



Distance Learning Assistance

Students in Discovery Class have a structured but relaxed schedule. This class is just right for 2 & 3 year olds. In a warm, nurturing atmosphere, we work on letters and numbers and potty training to help children continue a great preschool experience. When your child turns 4 years old, he or she will move to the next class.

4 & 5 year olds - Once students have mastered the sounds of the letters of the alphabet as Beginners, they then move to the Advanced Class where they put the letters together to begin forming words.

The Advanced Class is only the beginning of your child’s Promising Horizons. Here we also continue to develop their own understanding of God's love for them and the people around them.

Wherever your child attends grade school, you will find that the Promising Horizons foundation you have given him or her will have prepared them well to succeed!

Enroll your child in Promising Horizons’ top-notch Program. We use the nationally acclaimed abeka curriculum. With an emphasis on using phonics to teach reading, students can learn to read before entering kindergarten.

Numbers, math concepts, penmanship, science, and social studies are all taught from a Christian perspective. Along with teaching Bible, we also teach your child with a view to helping him or her become an independent learner, giving your student the knowledge he or she needs to succeed in life.

Students are well-supervised in a Christian environment, making the time spent at Promising Horizons an
enjoyable time for the students.

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